My name is Jesper and i am 17 years old.
I grew up in Viksjö, northwest stockholm.
Right now i am studying at the Swedish Snowboard Academy in Malung, and i’m in the second grade.

I started snowboarding when i was 7 years old, and my first snowboarding experience was in Gräftåvallen.
I had been nagging my parents to hire a snowboard and let me try, but they told me that i needed to be better at skiing before trying snowboarding.
At the weekend they finaly let me try it and i fell in love with my board right away- even today i feel sad when i need to go home from the mountain.

I continued riding, and when i was around twelve or thirteen i figured i wanted to work as a snowboarder when i got older, and i thought that it would be a good start if i got in at the Swedish snowboard academy in malung.

One of the other interests i have got is music. A day without music is a day without the day.


One Response to WHO AM I

  1. Jesper Carlqvist says:

    Tjenare! Googlade mitt namn och efternamn och hittade denna sida O.O
    Riktigt frän sida om jag får säga mitt!
    Är också 16 iår och detta var Riktigt intressant! och coolt!

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